Life According to Ping ...

January 08, 2010

maybe, just maybe!

January 04, 2009

a roller-coaster week of emotions

1 Wedding- Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ng. It was seriously the fastest and most fuss free wedding I have been to.

1 belated Baby One Month Party - (which the aunties were acting as perverts)
Aiden, grow grow grow!

1 Camera Missing - Oh did I mention it was at a friend's place ?

1 Farewell Party - Definitely marking the start of my tragic life ahead at work with the departure of an excellent boss.

1 Funeral - I hope you can have many mj kakis in the after life.

and all these started since Christmas Day.

August 13, 2008

Im so touched by the number of sms-es I received to congratulate me for nearing the big 3. Honestly be it facebook/friendster, your pda or you committed 11 aug to memory.
Thank you !

Well, instead of being in Bali, my bday is spent at a not so a-tas part of Indonesia, Bat-am. LOL. But its still good good fun. =)

May 20, 2008

It's his birthday and we are going to this !

Whee, my very own villa for 3 nights and my very own private pool.

On a total different topic, peer pressure!

My bestest girlfriends recently well has a heavier ring finger to lift.
Congratulations !

Listening to their romantic and one attempt to be romantic proposal makes me wonder if I am ever going to be ready for all these.

It just seem so adult. I mean the bling and all seem nice but the house shopping, work out my cpf monies and whatever tiles for my kitchen floor seem so not me. I mean I took forever to decide on the aircon brand I want, and then I have to decide on the company to buy from. How to plan a whole house?

I think I just wait for the reviews that you and you will be giving me and go shopping for the dresses for D day.


So will I be a maid of honour soon ? =P

May 08, 2008

I gave up my room to a roach..

Yes that hideous thing is under my bed and I refuse to step in. Thus Eeyore & I will probably be camping out on the couch to

I spotted some weird fashion sense today, while walking to work. Lacy blouse, black pants and shiny silver track shoes (somewhat like the adidas glam up series). And being Ping, the thought of snapping a picture of her would be quite funny.

Then I realised, I can't. I was speed walking like the rest of the world at Raffles Place MRT. Looking very serious and important and walking past the world without a care like everyone else.

Then I realised, I been walking faster these days. Eating faster. Somewhat, sitting down and watching the world goes by is no longer my hobby.

Have I really became one of them?

And if I have, how undeserving I must be. After all, the people who really don't have time for anything are probably earning 4324 times more than lowly me.

I should endevour to eat slower, talk slower and maybe one day I will have the time to sneakily take those pictures.

Update: i was blogging in j room and yes i spotted another roach!
Thus, im updating now with my faithful n95. Boo

Update again: one roach down in j's room. Not mine, im still in the hall.

March 12, 2008

i wonder who still reads this...

its been a long while.. just embarked on something new. something foreign. something somewhat like a real job. and im still thinking long and hard.

since im not very talented, should i settle for money vs the wow i love my work and am dying to go work.

pls let me love my work

November 30, 2007

im erasing my memory card in my mobile. 985 mb worth of stuff and i did not even do a back-up and i wonder,

would it be so nice if i could just erase a portion of my life just like that?
which part of it will i let go? which would i held on to? How many gb of data would i have left end of the day ?

November 29, 2007

im fucking going to do just what i want.

October 05, 2007

I knew it !